Friday, June 15, 2007

8 Things Meme

Alright, I've been tagged by Alvina to come up with 8 interesting facts/habits of mine. After years of deep soul searching, here they are. 8 completely fascinating facts that will make everyone shake their heads and say in unison: "WHAAAAAA?" Leaving off the final 'T' for effect, of course.

1.In the early to mid 90's, I had moved and was separated from my best friend Woody. We spent all our time on the phone after that, and frequently called radio stations. We were heavily into rap at the time and would call the NY hip hop station Hot 97 and rap on various programs, and formed a gang "the Gangsta Homies" that would call into CT station KC-101 all the time. We became legend in CT, with girls wanting to hook up with us and our rival actual gang the Latin Kings challenging us to fights. We also met Mojo, the creepy DJ who would ask us how he could 'worship' us, and had me call his home phone number.

A few years later I would listen to Dee Snyder's radio show every morning, and he'd often read sarcastic emails I sent in. But alas, that was the end of my radio career.

2. My First Great Love was Ellen C, I chose her seemingly at random in elementary school when other kids asked "who I liked". She turned out to be very popular and pretty so she was a good choice. I tried to impress her by telling her I never peed. In the 2nd grade, everyone was asking her if she liked them, and she yelled out "No! I only like Martin and Steve!" My reaction was to slam my head on the table in embarrassment. I've always been very stupid that way.

Similarly, just before High School started, one summer day I was at the beach with Woody and my cousin Sara when we started playing Marko Polo with a girl we didn't know. She became obsessed with me and chased me all around the lake, climbing on me and kissing me and telling me she wouldn't leave me alone until I made out with her. I spent the day running.

3. My nickname preceding the still cringe-worthy "ragamuffin" was "Pencil Boy". This was in grades 5/6. I earned this nickname by never having a pencil. I would get in trouble every day and eventually would get sent to the guidance office daily because I never had a pencil. Their advice was "If you see one laying around in the hall, pick it up and keep it!" They also had to tell me to stop doodling in my notebooks and class papers frequently.

4. Around the 3rd and 4th grades, I used to scratch myself until I bled out of boredom. Early emo??

5. Through high school I used to crush on teachers often. Even ones who weren't really attractive. This culminated in the great year of Miss Carlo, a student teacher I was infatuated with. My grade in that class went from a C to an A when she started teaching. I'd stay after class every day to talk to her, and people started thinking something fishy was going on. Any time she told me any information the rest of the class didn't know, somehow it would come out in class a day later, I suppose to avoid any implication of a personal relationship. I drew her pictures that she used when applying for teaching jobs. In one assignment, we had to write a play and I used her as "The beautiful stranger". When I read it in class, everyone pointed out how she turned bright red. I probably shouldn't have done that.

Despite my crushes on older women, I've only dated women younger than myself.

6. My roommate Bob just got me "Welcome Back, Kotter" on dvd. It's one of my favorite old sitcoms. When I was going through my breakup with Elaine, I used to picture buying a ton of DVD's from 80's and 70's sitcoms and pretending I was 10 years old still and that the past few decades just never happened.

7. I'm a fairly positive person on the outside but inwardly am very pessimistic. By default I assume people don't like me and that eventually everyone I love will leave me. When I picture the future, I'm always alone and miserable.

8. In my 28 years, I've only had 2.75 girlfriends: 1 was Briana, for 3 months in '97. 1 was Elaine, who I dated for 6 years and lived with for 2. .25 was Lauren, because we liked each other and spent a lot of time together for a few months but it didn't quite happen. And .5 was Laura, who I 'dated' for 3 months but it was online/phone, and I only actually spent one weekend with her. But Elaine was 6 years so that counts for something.


alvina said...

Wow. I'm still saying "whaaa?" over #1.

Thanks for playing! You have lots of material for YA books.

Nicole said...

I want to know more about the YA books, I will appreciate you if you will share some information with us.......


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